Comcast's Tunerfish Jumps Out Of The Water At #TCDisrupt

We told you Comcast was introducing something fresh and exciting at TechCrunch Disrupt this year. Say hello to Tunerfish, incubated by the Plaxo team (Comcast acquired Plaxo in 2008) and led by former Plaxo VP of Marketing John McCrea.

Tunerfish is driven by people’s passion for TV shows, and revolves around the ability for people to share what they are watching in real time. Launching in the near future, McCrea billed Tunerfish as a ‘social discovery engine’ for video content.

Essentially, the product enables people to share with a single click what they are watching, on their social network(s) of choice in real time. Much like Twitter does for tweets, Tunerfish also displays which TV shows are trending among your friends (in the last hour, 24 hours, etc.), which gives users a way to discover shows they are not yet familiar with.

McCrea says Tunerfish isn’t limited to television, as you can also use the product to share what you’re watching on YouTube, Vimeo and other video sharing platforms.

Interestingly, Tunerfish also rewards people who share what they are watching. This rewards system, based on game mechanics, is key to the Tunerfish experience, but unfortunately McCrea decided not to share the details of the system today.

He did add that Tunerfish will not only be a website, but also a native iPhone and iPad application, and that the service is also aimed to surface directly on TV screens.

The public beta of the service will be live in the next two weeks.