Bijoué: Audio Technica’s diamond-shaped speakers

Audio-Technica today in Japan announced [JP] diamond-shaped portable speakers, dubbed Bijoué/AT-SPF30, which are especially geared towards female users. Technically, the speakers aren’t special: you’ll get 600mW/φ28mm full range speakers running on two AAA batteries for 33 hours continuously.

Weighing just 105g, the Bijoué speakers is sized at 78×74×37mm. Audio-Technica doesn’t try to attract geeky female buyers just with the design and size but with a functional hook as well: when opening up the diamond speaker, users will find a small mirror behind the lid.

In Japan, Audio-Technica plans to sell the Bijoué/AT-SPF30 on June 16 in six different colors: black, brown, white, silver, golden and the inevitable pink (price: $30). If you’re interested but live outside Japan, I suggest contacting import/export specialists Geek Stuff 4 U.