Miso Tunes Into Some Seed Funding For Check-Ins Based Around Content

Checking-in has so far mainly been thought about in terms of location. But there’s a growing idea that it can be ported to other things as well — such as checking-in when you’re watching a movie or television show to let others know. That’s the idea behind Miso, a product we first covered back in March following their first major movie partnership. Today, Miso has announced its seed financing and the alpha version of its website.

Previously, Miso only existed as an iPhone app. (It’s actually the second iPhone app the team behind Miso, BazaarLabs has come up with. Back at our Realtime Crunchup in November, they launched Flixup a sort of Rotten Tomatoes movie review aggregator based around what people are saying on Twitter.) But now, with a website, they should be able to broaden their reach.

And the timing is good for that — there’s something launching at our TechCrunch Disrupt conference this week which should compete with it in some ways (stay tuned on that).

Earlier this month, Miso also announced a partnership with the online video channel Revision3. Thanks to that partnership, you can check-in while watching Revision3 shows and earn special Miso badges — yes, just like Foursquare, but again, all based around media consumption.

Miso’s seed funding comes from individual investors such as Keith RaboisJawed Karim, and ex-Googlers Georges HarikRichard ChenThomas KorteKurt Abrahamson. The amount of the funding hasn’t been disclosed. Meanwhile, Rabois is also joining on as an advisor.

You can find Miso’s iPhone app here.