Beach Babes video hits 1000s of Facebook walls, but it's malware

Is Facebook just becoming the hottest new place to spread viruses and malware? This morning thousands of Facebook users are reporting that they have been hit by a malware attack in the form of a video of young bikini-clad women on a beach.

The link to the video is appearing on the walls of Facebook users, apparently posted by their friends, with a thumbnail which appears to be an image of a young woman’s bottom in a bikini.

The message reads:

, this is hilarious! lol :P :P :P Distracting Beach Babes [HQ] Length: 5:32 ”

This appears to be another form of the “Sexiest Video Ever” malware assault which spread on Facebook last weekend, according to security firm Sophos. That installed adware onto victims’ computers which serves ads onto PCs and can’t be deleted.

The way to avoid this is to delete the message from your page, change your password and review your Facebook application settings, and maybe, for extra security, scan your PC with an anti-virus package.

Also learn not to click on unsolicited links…