TheDeadline, artificial intelligence for your ToDo list

Lars Hinrichs, founder of the business network XING, has invested in a new kind of intelligent Todo-Management system called TheDeadline. Terms were not disclosed.

It sounds pretty interesting. Using artificial intelligence techniques taken from computer games, TheDeadline is billed as trying to “mimic the behavior of a human personal assistant to free the user from tedious project-management work and to make global team collaboration easy.” Then again Google could just be doing all the heavy lifting.

Stefan Richter, founder of TheDeadline, says the system gives status updates, asks for decisions and provides a “smart” system to re-submit overdue Todos without annoying the user. TheDeadline is a spin-off of the german software company freiheit technologies.

TheDeadline integrates with Google Contacts and Google Calendar and runs on Google App Engine, Google’s Cloud Computing Infrastructure and is available through the Google Marketplace.