Review: Two smokeless cigarette solutions, Green Nicotine and Ploom

I’m a bit of a smoker – cigars, mostly, and only when I feel like alienating all my friends – so I figured I’d try out some of these “electronic” cigarettes. I’ve already reviewed one similar to Green Nicotine, the SuperSmoker. However, Ploom is a bit different.


Ploom uses a little butane heater ignited by a piezo spark generator that heats the smoky goodness and vaporizes it. Obviously you have to use the pods so you can’t put your own stuff in there – I’d use fiberglass, personally – and the flavors include Cafe Noir and Blue Tea. Pretty hippy dippy.

Ploom is aiming for the fancy pants alterna-crowd – it costs $39.95 and pods cost about $5.95 for 12 – while GreenNicotine is going for the “folks who want to smoke on a plane” crowd. It costs $149 and each 10-pack of replacements costs $39. They also have a disposable cigar model for $40 which comes from crazy town.

If you’re a smoker and you’re trying to quit or you’re a smoker and you’re jonesing for a cig, these things make work for you. Check local laws and bylaws before you start blowing Blue Tea fumes into cops faces, however, friend.

As a bonus, I’ll send the GreenNicotine kit to a random commenter. I won’t send the Ploom because I already sucked on it.

Video music by The Underscore Orkestra.