Popbox becomes the first set-top box to support RealD 3D

The Popbox, a low-cost media streamer and set-top box, now supports 3D. That’s the news. I know, it seems kind of minor compared with yesterday’s Google TV announcement, and I’m sure all the set-top box guys are having emergency meetings. But let’s just forget about that for now. This is Popbox’s day and we should celebrate.

If you read that 3D primer I posted the other day, you know that broadcasting 3D is really just a matter of squeezing the signal through a normal HDMI cable. RealD does it side-by-side, and uses circular-polarized light if I remember correctly. You’ll need to check if your TV is capable of doing that, of course — not all are. But no matter what Popbox model you have, it should be capable of streaming RealD content.