Betaworks Leads $3 Million Series B In Highflyer TweetDeck, New Desktop Goes Live

Highflying stream reader TweetDeck just raised a $3 million Series B round led by its biggest investor, betaworks. That brings the total capital raised by the company to $5.3 million. Ron Conway and Danny Rimer also invested in this round, as did all existing seed investors, including the Accelerator Group, Roger Ehrenberg, and Howard Lindzon.

TweetDeck is the most popular Twitter client by one estimate, with more than 15 million downloads so far. Over the past year, it has been moving beyond Twitter, adding streams from Facebook and MySpace. And just a few minutes ago, it released its latest update, which incorporates streams from Google Buzz, Foursqaure, and more. It is now truly a general stream reader.

TweetDeck is also working on an HTML5 Web browser version of its stream reader, which is currently an “internal research project,” according to CEO Iain Dodsworth.

Below is a video demo of the new TweetDeck features. Don’t you just love the way those Brits say “Google Buzz”? The best feature though has to be how easy TweetDeck makes it to do a fake check-in via Foursquare.