Jason Calacanis lets his JasonNation Army hit reply all – Intentional? [Updated]

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In a typical Jason Calacanis move today, the West coast based entrepreneur will delete his Facebook page live on the Internet. He has 22,969 fans. You’ll be able to watch it here. Jason announced this move today on his JasonNation newsletter, which replaced his regular blogging way back in 2008.

In a less typical move however, he now appears to have set up the newsletter list to allow every one of his 23,286 members to reply to the entire list. Whether this was intentional or not is unknown.

So far only 6 members have replied to the whole list, perhaps because the majority are in the US, where most people are asleep right now. [Update, make that over 50 and counting]

But somehow I doubt turning JasonNation into a discussion list, rather than one where Jason’s sage words can simply be broadcast to an adoring fan base, was really in the plan. We’ve reached out to find out the truth. [See updates below].

Then again, maybe the demise of Jason’s fan page is the perfect moment for the JasonNation discussion list?

Or perhaps he was making a point about changing the settings without letting people know, huh Facebook?

And it’s somewhat ironic, given that the whole list is revealing people’s email addresses to each other [Update looks just just names not addresses went out], that in the actual newsletter Calacanis’s says:

“Did I sign up for Facebook and give you my personal information so you could give it to third parties WITHOUT my permission? Uhhh…. no.”

Whatever the case, one or two people aren’t all that happy.

UPDATE: Unsubscribing from the list… does not immediately unsubscribe you from the list. Queue even more outrage from susbcribers…

UPDATE: Wherever Jason is it’s 4am, but he’s now addressed the problem and is apologising to subscribers.

  • http://maxniederhofer.com Max Niederhofer

    Of course this wasn’t intentional :)

  • http://mixxt.com Oliver

    I wouldn’t be too sure about that, Max! :)

  • Brady Brim-DeForest

    I noticed it a few hours ago. Somehow I don’t think it was intentional.

    He recently changed servers from binhost.com to jasonnation.com. I think some of the mailing-list settings were reset during the switch.

    Either way, it certainly brought out the passion in Jason Nation. Here’s one on tonight’s gems:

    • http://www.brimdeforest.com Brady Brim-DeForest

      Mike, on another note — I’m counting over 30 replies so far.

      • http://twitter.com/mikebutcher Mike Butcher

        Yeah it’s going crazy.

      • http://www.calacanis.com Jason

        Wow…. I glad i woke up at 4am to take care of the sick baby and happened–by chance–to look at Blackberry!

        I have no idea what happened, but no one’s email was exposed. somehow the list moved to discussion mode.

        i would never do this intentionally… obviously?

        also, mike, call me next time!! oh wait, i turned the ringer off to not wake up the baby. ugh.

      • http://mclarenfan.wordpress.com Steve

        I actually found the way people chose to use the opportunity to talk to everyone on the list very interesting. From the ironic ‘stop the spam’ replies, to the plugs for websites and even an intern request!

        Just a few emails, hardly the end of the world.

      • http://www.patentlystupid.com rahlquist

        Well only the fools who replied have now exposed their email to everyone. LOL

      • Mike Mikovsky

        @Jason says that no one’s email address was exposed.

        Hate to break it to you bro’, but I’m seeing all kinds of personal email addresses…

        For example:
        Mike Tanner
        David Gibbs
        Tyler Beerman

      • http://blog.jeromeparadis.com/ Jerome Paradis

        Well, for some people who replied, they got more than their email address published to the mailing list: i.e.: phone numbers.

        I know it’s a mistake and unintentional.

        But it’s really ironic that Jason’s mistake breached some people’s privacy and spammed the members of the list. All this following a another post where Jason was blasting Facebook’s privacy.

      • Mudflapslim

        You’ve been Calcked!

    • http://www.twitter.com/willpao Will

      I was always curious to see what other people were saying..

  • http://squerch.com David Gibbs

    I thought setting up a Facebook group would be the ideal dedication to Jason, his love for the social network and the mess that this newsletter has created today:

    I replied ALL to JasonNation!!

  • http://www.richardcunningham.co.uk Richard Cunningham

    I hope it’s not intentional, that’s not what I signed up for. If it is, I’ll have to come up with a filter for the replies.

  • http://jah2488.com justin herrick

    Bahhh,, damn thing woke me up with all those stupid replies going to my phone. I don’t mind being on the list for the updates, but I don’t care to hear from these people at 5am

  • http://twitter.com/john_d_mcdonald John

    Ya I just noticed this one myself. Intentional or not, it’s got such an old school feel to it that I had to laugh. If it gets out of hand, I’ll definitely unsubscribe.

  • http://twitter.com/partridge Brandon

    As I mentioned through the list;

    We’re most likely receiving these responses as a result of Jason moving the list from ‘jason@binhost.com’ to a custom domain ‘jasons-list@jasonnation.com’ … The binhost settings probably reset and this became a discussion-list instead of the prior announce-only list.

  • victor

    Can we request an update on the number of subscribers?

    I bet that when the apology is sent out, the circulation will have gone way down

  • Mike Mikovsky

    PT Barnum strikes again.

    I unsubscribed after just 5 replies or so…..I see the storm coming.

  • http://sheynkman.com Gary Sheynkman

    annoying as shit.

    I appreciate Jason’s opinion (though I don’t particularly agree with the recent facebook hate-a-thon) … but don’t care about an army of cheering fans.


  • Chris

    I’m staying subscribed. This is really fun. One guy just sent out a bit of self-promotion to see if anyone wants to take him on as an intern in the media industry. I hope more people get involved in this massive, uncontrollable discussion.

    But sympathies to the guys who like to keep their inboxes under control.

  • Mark Thomas

    This bloke sounds like a complete tool if you ask me.

  • Sonny

    And contained in those replies are sycophantic comments and self promoting bloggers.

    Total crap.. mistake or not, it’s no surprise. I enjoy Calacanis’s rants from time to time, but they always seem to be about 80% baked. Too much emotion and not enough substance..

    • Chuck

      Boring and stupid. @Mark Thomas, you nailed it.

  • Federico Imparatta

    What a moron. I’ve had enough of his whinning

    • John

      He really needs to get over himself. Yet another insecure geek who gain some power and fame, but at his core is still…yep, you guessed it…an insecure geek.

  • http://Www.bojago.com Philip James

    Painful amount of spam flowing in, I unsubscribed sharpish.

  • http://www.meetingwave.com jb

    It’s crashing my Blackberry. Likely a mistake, but not a great way to start a morning.

  • http://www.sensibledevelopment.com Alan Newman

    I’ve unsubscribed, but still the emails are coming in!

    (I really hope that’s because the sending queue is yet to flush out).

    • http://sheynkman.com Gary Sheynkman

      so frustrating. i deleted myself a good 40 minutes ago.

    • http://www.nylon.gr Nick Drandakis

      Same here. Unsubscribed, they’re still coming. If it keeps this way, I’ll create a rule to autodelete them…

  • Avid

    This again proves Calimanbaby is a follower. Funny how he’s now doing it after Leo recently deleted his (Hmm, what else did he copy from Leo?). This guy has the originality of a fish finger.

  • http://techcrunch.com Robin Wauters

    Happy not to have subscribed then :)

  • Steve

    Right, just been Rick-Roll’d…

  • http://www.clickio.ro Ionut Oprea

    The list is not ‘revealing’ any email address, it just allows people on the list to send messages to it, and, intentional or not, I think the effect will be a ‘cleansing’ of the list. So it’s healthy. GG Jason!

  • Ian

    It’s intentional;

    From the info page:

    [quote] To post a message to all the list members, send email to jasons-list@jasonnation.com. [/quote]

    @ionut you thinka proper cleansing will occur? so people who check their mail on a regular basis will get frustrated and filter or unsubscribe, same for those that find 100+ responses…. not so sure you’d get a cleansing so much as a removal of those too busy to keep up with every message from his fans – they chose to hear his words, not everyones.


    • Martin

      Yes, it’s an intentional feature of the mailman software.

      No, it’s (probably) not intentional that the list was set up that way.

  • http://Jacknork.blogspot.com Jack

    Gaaaah make it stop!!!!

  • http://www.kirstenwinkler.com Kirsten Winkler

    I switched my settings to daily digest. Hope that helps :). Looking forward to Jason’s explanation.

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