Apple changes its tune, will now accept cash for the iPad at the Apple Store

Who didn’t see this coming? A few days ago we learned of one woman’s inability to buy an Apple iPad with cash at an Apple Store. Store policy was such that they would only accept credit cards or debit cards. Apple was totally in the right legally, but it came across sorta funky, particularly given the woman’s backstory. Well, after a few days of bad press Apple has changed the policy: you can now walk into any Apple Store and buy an iPad with cash.

Apple issued the following statement to KGO-TV, the station where this story first broke:

About a month ago, we said we’d like you to use a credit card when you buy your iPad, and that was the best way we could think of to make sure that people only bought two per individual. And then it came to our attention that Diane [Campbell], through your story, was very interested in buying an iPad with cash, and we made a decision today to change that.

That’s that, then.

As of right now, you should be able to walk into your local Apple Store and walk out with a shiny, new iPad having paid cash.

A victory for the little guy, for sure.