Updated: Yes folks, the official iPhone Twitter app is here

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We already knew it was hours if not minutes away – see TechCrunch US report – and it’s perhaps no surprise that New Zealand gets the goods ahead of Europe and the US (a bit like New Year’s day).

Yes folks, the official Twitter app for iPhone is here, you know the one expected based on Tweetie ever since Twitter bought the company.

We expect other iPhone app stores around the world to propagate shortly.

The app, which is simply called Twitter, is dubbed version 3.0 in recognition of its Tweetie heritage. So what’s new? Lots actually, including: search has been improved, adding geolocated tweets and the ability to view top tweets and suggested users; you can signup to Twitter within the application, including the Suggested User list (a pretty big deal); the Retweet button has been given more prominence; and finally you don’t need a Twitter account to start using the app e.g. you can browse tweets, users or see trends etc.

Update: The original screen shots used in this post were taken directly from the App Store’s Twitter 3.0 page but as has been pointed out they look very much like Tweetie 2.0. However, all of the what’s new details are correct. I’ll update the post as or when the iPhone App Store gets its act together. Apologies.

Update 2: The New Zealand store is displaying the app’s page fine but trying to download the app is producing an error that reads: “This item is currently being modified”, according to a comment below.

Update 3: Official Twitter for iPhone screen shots are now published below AND users are reporting that they can update/download the app from the iPhone App Store. I’m seeing it in the UK store, for example.

(Hat tip: @Scott56R)

  • Richard

    Nice of them to offer features that other clients can’t possibly offer.

    Note: there is no api end point for creating accounts, or suggested user list

  • http://www.geekandhype.com Joffrey

    Screenshots? They are from Tweetie 2, not Twitter/Tweetie 3.

    • Steve O'Hear

      Yes, you are right. I’ve updated the post but clearly the App Store is in a muddle. However, the details about what is new are correct.

    • http://srobinson.tk Stephen Robinson

      Someone didn’t read the article.

      • Steve O'Hear

        I’ll take the bullet.

      • http://www.geekandhype.com Joffrey

        I read the post, but saying “screen shots” while it’s not Tweetie 3 is… well… not cool.

      • Steve O'Hear

        I’m not cool.

      • http://www.zatznotfunny.com/ Zatz

        You’ll always be cool in my book.

      • Steve O'Hear

        Thanks dude!

      • yoda

        Joffrey is a douchey name.

  • http://www.dankargl.com danation

    still nothing in Canada. Can’t even find it in the AppStore.

  • http://design.sparklette.net Veron

    I’m so glad I put off purchasing a Twitter app.

  • http://www.leapjump.com James Mcaan

    This great. Also check out http://iphonenewspage.com for latest iPhone news.

  • Jamie Swanson

    Interesting…I can’t seem to download it in New Zealand! It says “This item is currently being modified”. grrrrrrr

    • Steve O'Hear

      The App Store is clearly in a muddle.

  • samthegap

    These are Tweetie 2 screen shots (as per Joffrey). You may want to double check with your source :)

  • blah

    Click on the little flag in the bottom right of iTunes, choose NZ and take a look for yourself – these are the images published in the AppStore / oh and: read the f… article ;-)

    • Steve O'Hear

      Well said :)

      • blah

        of course the last part wasn’t meant offensive! just in case the original poster or anyone else might get this impression

  • http://www.pcartisan.com David1984

    hmm, nice. i had been waiting for this app since long. Looking forward to using it

  • http://www.manuelstolte.de Manuel

    Hey, is there any sync feature (mobile – desktop) in the new version? This would be awesome!

  • meeka
  • http://wholelottarob.com Dr Rob Schertzer

    Still not showing in Canada. Also wondering if iPad version to appear anytime soon. Really unlimited API calls? Well, that should bring down Twitter on day 1 as still can’t handle current number of requests with the calls capped. Way to go @biz and @Ev…let us know when you scale Twitter properly.

    • Darryl Houston

      they have scaled, not an issue

  • http://www.fxmemo.com/ memo

    Here comes the mighty twitter to rule them all…

  • Jeff

    Not seeing this is in the US app store yet. Any word on when it will actually be available?

    • josh

      Well, its just rebranded Tweetie, so you’re not missing much..

      Whats up with TC comments anyways? Some are from instant debate, and some are regular WordPress ones…make up your mind.

  • Joe Attardi

    Here’s what I don’t get – if it’s now the official Twitter app, why still keep the old Tweetie icon? Why not make it the official Twitter logo? Someone in marketing wasn’t thinking.

    • josh

      They are branding…they bought the most popular, best-rated app…keeping the logo. That would be like buying Ford of McDonalds or some other giant brand and changing it

    • Joseph Dent

      They did change the app icon. Once it transfers to your phone, the Tweetie app icon is changed into a generic shiny blue app icon with the white bird silhouette.

      I prefer the original Tweetie app icon.

  • http://davebc.com David Chartier

    At this point I’m wondering if Apple approved the update, which makes it public and all the stores begin updating, and Twitter pulled it in order to wait to publish the official blog post. Sounds like they have some ‘splaining to do anyway over this private API stuff.

  • http://www.google.com Ryan McDougal

    Jesus, who cares? Twitter is such a USELESS utility.

    • Steve O'Hear

      How dare you

  • http://twitter.com/Scott56R Scott56R
  • Sonia

    I was hoping it would be looking a lot like the Android version. Twitter to me should be visually pleasing and this is very… iPhoney. Disappointed.

    Also, it’s still not showing up in the App Store for me in the US. Used every variation to get it to show up, but to no avail.

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  • BudgieUK

    Does anyone know if it will automatically appear as an upgrade to Tweetie 2, or do I need to search for it in the App Store?

    • http://www.bhauermedia.com Bryan Hauer

      I have Tweetie 2 and mine auto appeared this morning in iTunes as Tweetie 3.0 as an update although once it downloaded it shows at Twitter with a new icon on my iPhone. I’m in the US.

      Upon updating I did have to re-enter my un and pw and so far the homescreen isn’t loading. Just hangs.

      • Jon D

        It upgraded Tweetie 2 and required me to re-enter all of my accounts/credentials, but somehow it remembered my bit.ly API key.

      • Jon D

        And it still say ‘via tweetie’ when posting.

  • http://zackbartel.com Zack

    What about the people that paid for Tweetie?

    • http://tweetli.st/ Alexandra

      What about them?
      They spent 3 USD, right? Like on a cup of coffee or two…

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  • http://www.newageofpolitics.com Charles H

    Still no app in the US store…

    Of course, I never bought Tweetie 2, which makes me want to laugh at everyone who did as soon as this is live for the US.

    All the same, I actually want this app, especially since it seems like Tweetdeck has been abandoned.

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