Updated: Yes folks, the official iPhone Twitter app is here

We already knew it was hours if not minutes away – see TechCrunch US report – and it’s perhaps no surprise that New Zealand gets the goods ahead of Europe and the US (a bit like New Year’s day).

Yes folks, the official Twitter app for iPhone is here, you know the one expected based on Tweetie ever since Twitter bought the company.

We expect other iPhone app stores around the world to propagate shortly.

The app, which is simply called Twitter, is dubbed version 3.0 in recognition of its Tweetie heritage. So what’s new? Lots actually, including: search has been improved, adding geolocated tweets and the ability to view top tweets and suggested users; you can signup to Twitter within the application, including the Suggested User list (a pretty big deal); the Retweet button has been given more prominence; and finally you don’t need a Twitter account to start using the app e.g. you can browse tweets, users or see trends etc.

Update: The original screen shots used in this post were taken directly from the App Store’s Twitter 3.0 page but as has been pointed out they look very much like Tweetie 2.0. However, all of the what’s new details are correct. I’ll update the post as or when the iPhone App Store gets its act together. Apologies.

Update 2: The New Zealand store is displaying the app’s page fine but trying to download the app is producing an error that reads: “This item is currently being modified”, according to a comment below.

Update 3: Official Twitter for iPhone screen shots are now published below AND users are reporting that they can update/download the app from the iPhone App Store. I’m seeing it in the UK store, for example.

(Hat tip: @Scott56R)