Toshiba improves LCD shutter glasses for 3D viewing

The technology associated with 3D content is getting better, and the dark screens and headaches plaguing the more sensitive viewers may soon be a thing of the past. Personally, I hope these expensive, complicated LCD shutter glasses go the way of the dodo, but until then, they may as well be as good as they can get.

These new Toshiba screens, made specifically for shutter glasses, have improved switchover time between open and shut, and block more light when shut to boot. It cuts down on 3D field “crosstalk,” in which your left eye sees partially the image meant to be seen by the right. Causes headaches and such.

Yet this will not be the end of the improvements. Like TVs and cameras, they’re taking their time perfecting the art. Another few months will bring another improvement… and this is something theater owners and projectionists need to be aware of. What a pain! If you’re using dual projectors and polarized light, this isn’t an issue; that’s why I think that technology will win out in the end. Simplicity is a powerful thing on a mass market, and so is low cost. Active shutter glasses will be gone in… I’m going to say two years. It’s like a VHS-beta thing.