Context Optional Allows Retailers To Offer Coupons And Target Customers By Location On Facebook

Context Optional, a SaaS offering that allows users to build, monitor and manage brand presence on Facebook, is launching a customized application for retailers. The Facebook focused marketing suite aims to help retailers engage with users both on brand pages and the stream.

The suite’s offerings include the ability to create and publish coupons on a Facebook Page and in the stream, and to launch interactive product catalogs to a Facebook Page and in the stream where users can comment and share the item. The suite also allows retailers to target and customize messages to fans based on their location, publish images, video and links to the stream with built-in tracking and engage fans with interactive polls in the stream. Marketers can also track fan growth, measure consumer engagement over time and compare campaign results.

Currently Kohls, Safeway and Threadless are using Context Optional’s retail offering to engage with fans on Facebook. And Radio Shack, Toys R Use and Home Depot are soon to be using the suite as well. As Facebook continues to grow in terms of users, the network is fast becoming a center for retail engagement, customer services and even e-commerce. Marketing tools like Context Optional not only help retailers keep a pulse on the conversation happening on Facebook about their brands, but also allows them to engage with customers in more mean meaningful ways.