BlueAnt S4 Speakerphone: Speak to Me

BlueAnt Wireless just released its new hands-free speakerphone, the S4. It attaches to any car visor and connects wirelessly to most Bluetooth handsets. Simply turn it on and go. Reading the manual is not required; the S4 will vocally guide you through setup.

Once paired with your handset, you can use the hands-free device without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. The S4 offers a bunch of features although some seem gimmicky at best.

BlueAnt collaborated with Vlingo to bring text-to-speech to the device for less distracted text messaging while driving. This feature can save lives, but only for the Blackberry and Android 2.0+ platforms. Bing support will bring maps, stocks, news and weather reports straight to you during your commute.

Using A2DP, the S4 can playback turn-by-turn directions from you mobile maps application. You could also send your music from your handset, but playing songs on the small speakerphone might be a little strange.

Available May 23 at Best Buy and then rolling out to AT&T stores on June 6. Expect to pay $99.99.