Ah yes, this guide to 3D capturing and viewing technologies is most comprehensive

I’ve been thinking of writing up a post detailing the different viewing methods for 3D TV/gaming/cinema and their various strengths and weaknesses, but it looks like that won’t really be necessary. Cyberlink has put together a really nice and very detailed guide to pretty much everything the end user needs to know about 3D.

If anything, they err on the side of objectivity. Whether one method or another is better isn’t really the point — and as I mentioned in my reply to Roger Ebert’s issues with 3D, these technologies are maturing quickly and to pick a winner (or declare them all losers) would be shortsighted. And as a commenter points out (I noticed this as well), polarized solutions are given a sort of lowballing, though higher resolutions and/or dual projectors in cinemas can easily circumvent the resolution issue Cyberlink cites. Might Cyberlink be in the business of selling active shutter glasses, perhaps?

At any rate, if you’re in the market or just want to be informed, this is a great (though rather long) article. You can download the whole thing as a PDF or read it over at Tom’s Hardware.