Verizon finally lets the $18,000 data bill slide

The longest 4 years of Bob St. Germain’s life have finally come to an end, with Verizon letting him loose from his $18,000 debt.

To save you having to read the article I just linked to (I’m nice like that), I’ll bring you up to speed:

Once upon a time, Bob St. Germain signed up to a Verizon phone plan that included 2 years of free data. His son, Bryan, didn’t know that the free period had ended when he downloaded about 800MB of data while tethering the phone to his PC one rainy day in 2006.

4-year-long-story short, Bob refused to pay, tried to sue, and now, today, Verizon have agreed to let Bill’s bobsled Bob’s bill slide.

It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, however, as Bob’s bad bill has blemished his credit. Bummer for Bob.

[via AP]
[Image via Gizmodo]