This young man willingly gets an Apple tattoo. And you call us fanboys?

Look, I love my iPad as much as the next guy and, just like the next guy, if I had to make the choice between food and water and the iWork suite, I’d probably go for the iWork suite. However, I would not tattoo the Apple logo onto my shoulder.

Billy Hime, a self-professed “iPhone Owner,” “shameless flirt,” and “Youtube Video Blogger” filmed himself getting his tattoo with his mom. He also wrote on Twitter that “Lotion=burning my Apple,” a comment on what we can only assume to be the effects of the antiseptic on his tattoo and not a euphemism for something else.

Regardless, let poor Billy’s example be a lesson and a warning to all of you of how far a young man will go to satisfy his Apple addiction and, next time you get the urge to call us fanboys, I’ll remind you that my only tattoo is of Ernest Borgnine circa Airwolf on my left upper thigh. It’s for religious reasons.