Nintendo trademarks "3DS" among others

Backstory: A Nintendo suit said a while back that the company hasn’t announced the official name yet for its upcoming handheld 3D gaming device. This of course suggests that 3DS isn’t the official name.

Well, that might not be true if Nintendo’s recent trademark filings have anything to say about it.

Apparently the company a trademark for not only “3DS”, but also “3DSPlay” and “3DSWare.” 3DSWare sounds an awlful like DSiWare, the online gaming distribution system currently employeed by Nintendo for the DSi.

Maybe the official name is 3DS. It is kind of a clever name, combing the 3D moniker with the dual screen notation currently used by the last couple generations. Plus, we already have a bunch of posts tagged with the 3DS name. Let’s keep it as 3DS, m’kay? [Siliconera via Kotaku