Kisai Round Trip watch: All that's missing is the fob and aluminum top hat

There’s an old O. Henry story, The Gift of the Kisai that recounts a tale of a young man who sells his Kisai Round Trip LED pocketwatch to buy his wife a hairbrush and his wife cuts and sells her hair to buy her husband a pocketwatch chain. The story, a classic in the oeuvre of “how-the-other-half-lives” fiction, is heartbreaking in itself, but fear not: you’ll never have to go through those privations. There are plenty of $72 LED pocket watches to go around and their affordable for even those in relationships bathed in irony and penury.

This new Tokyoflash watch charges via USB and clips to your bag or pants. You’ll also notice the maddening fact that to check the time you have to press a button and the time is told in Tokyoflash’s inimitable WTF fashion. Some specs, in case you’re curious:

Displays the time
USB rechargeable*
LED animation mode
Stainless steel case and key ring included
Case dimensions: 41 mm x 50 mm x 11 mm
Weight: 58 grams
Water resistance: 3ATM
Japanese and English instructions
One year warranty
Battery: LIR2032 standard rechargeable and replaceable watch battery
Pocket watch, key ring, USB cable and spare USB cap included.
* Charging time 3.5 hours. Each charge should last approximately 1 month. Battery lifetime will vary depending on use but is estimated at approximately 300 charges.