TechCrunch Europe wasn't invited to Google Zeitgeist London. Apparently we're seeing too much of eachother.

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Right now entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and Google executives are milling around in a swanky hotel outside of London at Google Zeitgeist.

Last year we were there too and managed to even break some news.

But this year we’re not allowed in. Why? There’s not enough room.

Here’s my email exchange with their PR people.

Me: “I was wondering what the press arrangement for Google Zeitgeist in the UK were this year, as I was invited last year.”

Google UK press Officer: “This year we have much less room for press and so we’re having to prioritise those publications that don’t often get to attend events with our US execs, unlike TechCrunch. Sorry, I know this will be annoying, but please rest assured that as in previous years there will be no announcements at Zeitgeist as it’s not that kind of event.”

Me: “Er yeah, but *I* “don’t often get to attend events” with your US execs…”

Them: “I know, and apologies again for the annoyance. Given limited space we had to do what we thought was fairest. For instance, I believe that several Techcrunch writers are registered for Google I/O also coming up this week, unlike pretty much every UK publication which can’t be there.”

So there you have it. Google thinks we’re seeing too much of each other. They want to cool things off. We’re already seeing them at Google I/O. Let’s leave it at that, they say.

So here’s a question. Why hold an event in Europe if you’re going to ban TechCrunch Europe?

Instead we’ll be hangiing out on the hugely long Twitter hashtag today #zeitgeisteurope and tuning in to @loic who seems to be the only genuine blogger there.

Then again maybe it’s because we live streamed Larry Page without him knowing last year. Here’s our video from back then.

(Ok, sure, in truth I’m just jealous for not being served a beer by a robot)

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  • George Nimeh

    Hey Mike … Welcome to the b-list, dude. ;-)

    • critic

      Guess that like Apple, TechCrunch is not invited anymore to Google’s place due to their writer’s egoistic nature.

      • Mike Butcher

        Totally. I mean, come on. DON’T THEY KNOW WHO WE ARE???!? (We’re so important we always talk in the third person, btw)

      • Tyler Wright

        I would have lost it at ‘prioritise’. Way to keep your cool.

      • blesie

        Hopefully, the zeitgeist report for this year will be more apt and earlier than what we have last year.

    • Dennis

      Get over it …. you sound like a baby!!

    • Michelle Ngyuin

      Yep. No offense, Mike, but just because Arrington loaned you the TechCrunch brand doesn’t make you important. You need to earn that through good journalism and good relationships.

  • amador

    I wouldn’t think Larry’s age was such a secret

  • siti yunus

    come to SMX! its only down the road! :)

  • http://melvinmt Melvin

    “So here’s a question. Why hold a fucking event in Europe if you’re going to ban TechCrunch Europe?”

    Dude.. are you serious? lol

  • Simone Brummelhuis

    This is my take on the Zeitgeist hype. Another TED?
    Is this reallly what they discuss? #zeitgeisteurope Polet: Bottega Veneta,no logo, your initials inside bag. Only oth. rich people recognize

    #zeitgeisteurope @cruickshankn I am glad that there is at least 1 Female Internet Hero present. Please Upgrade the discussion! less than

  • Prashant Gandhi

    I am scratching my head. How can they not have space for 1 more ?

    I am following @jobsworth who is another genuine blogger to get the gist of whats being spoken about at this conference.

  • anonamiss

    Maybe they didn’t invite TC because your editors don’t know how to use spell / grammar check. Or, perhaps they didn’t want another BS article with crap like “Google doesn’t get brand / discovery advertising”

    You get nothing. You lose. Good day sir.

    • Mike Butcher


      • matt

        No offense, and IMHO, the quality of the TC articles has been declining for a long while, with posts from Paul Carr, Sarah Lacy and particularly with Vivek Wadhwa.
        It seems that TC is now partially dedicated to IT, plus “personal” experiences and reports of irrelevant “news” from IT companies. Improve your offerings and, in time, you could be invited to IT forums. You are supposed to be an IT blog not an IT company.

      • Cail

        Matt, are you on TC for reading boring press releases? Journalism is always about facts AND opinions.

      • Meh.

        @Cail – Journalism may be about facts and opinions, but the opinions need to be contained because if opinions take over facts, it becomes tabloid material. I don’t know much about the TC EU editors, but if they’re anything like TC US, then that’s PROBABLY the reason they were left out.

  • Anthony

    This shouldn’t be a story, this is not news. This is terribly lame egomanical whining. Cover the event or don’t. Report news if it’s there like anyone else who cannot be present for an event. As a reader, I don’t know what am I supposed to get from this other than the sensitivity of the TCEuro team? SMH

  • Jann

    If you were real journalists this whole “we’re seeing too much of eachother.”-statement has to come from techcrunch. Unless you consider yourself as the google PR platform.

  • Daniel

    “So here’s a question. Why hold a fucking event in Europe if you’re going to ban TechCrunch Europe?”

    The way you assume like it’s your right to be there is pathetic. Get over yourselves.

  • fm

    TC, you are pathetic. And irrelevant it seems.

    • Mike Butcher

      We’re getting our coat.

  • boylerob

    “So here’s a question. Why hold a fucking event in Europe if you’re going to ban TechCrunch Europe?”

    Are you being serious? I mean I think TechCrunch is great but do you really believe this???

    • Steve O'Hear

      It’s not because we have a sense of entitlement but we need to be at events like this to cover the news properly, thus providing the best service possible to you our readers. That’s all.

  • joe

    get your hand off it!

    • Mike Butcher

      Too late, we’re already blind.

  • Greg

    TechCrunch are doing more than any other media to promote tech innovation and encourage the emergence of a viable ecosystem for startups in Europe.

    Are Google loosing their edge?

    From a London-based entrepreneur & investor

    • staff0rd

      You mean, from an annoyed TechCrunch -probably-mike-butcher- writer.

      • Greg

        from an annoyed TechCrunch READER actually…

      • Mike Butcher

        My comments are actually in Green, check.

  • http://RichGriese.NET Rich Griese

    I would think that publicly complaining about it will not help you with your relationship with Google in the future.

    Cheers! RichGriese.NET

  • James Cunningham

    What they are doing sounds fair.

    If they only have a limited amount of places available, distribute them evenly so as many of those who want to attend can go.

    This seems like an over reaction.

  • Peter

    Um, since when was “eachother” a word?

  • dave

    lame, even though i pick on this site, you are clearly an “A” list tech news outlet with influential readership and this kind of block and tackle fascinates me…any idea which bloggers are actually allowed in there?

  • Random

    Would you like some cheese with that whine?

  • Tom

    Maybe they are punishing you for your non-stop Apple fanboism?

  • Speed

    Just like you can’t be everywhere at once, Google can’t talk to everyone at once.

    If you attend the same events that everyone else does you’ll be reporting the same news everyone else does. No competitive advantage there.

  • Andrew J Scott

    Well Mike, dont feel too bad. We’re pretty sure we’re London entrepreneurs and no one at Rummble was invited either ;-)

  • angus

    This is the kind of Techcrunch bulllshit that pisses me off. Nobody cares. Stop complaining.

  • Opensource Obscure

    a big YAWN.

  • Jon

    Haha, sure this wasn’t what Mike expected when he pressed publish today.

    • Mike Butcher

      You are joking aren’t you?

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