predictive ads platform expands London team to focus on UK, is a advertising platform for behavioral targeting with a twist. It does this by predicting user behaviour but doesn’t use any user identifiable data. So it surfs the current wave of privacy issues right now. It’s now wisely placing the focus of its international activities on the UK advertising market, the strongest in Europe, despite the recession. Ajay Daved today joins as sales director for UK and Ireland, reporting to Vice President of Sales Christian Elsner. Prior to, Daved was sales manager at the German ad serving provider ADTECH.

In 2008 won AdLINK Media’s French and UK business to offer its technology to their customers, and now has offices in London, Warsaw and Paris.

Founded in 2006 by Frank Wagner, Stephan Noller and Klaus K√∂gler it has backing from Berlin’s bmp Media Investors and clients include SevenOne Interactive, GWP media-marketing, Orangemedia, Hi-Media, ARBOMedia, Interia and Austria’s Standard. So far it has deals with East European ad networks like Httpool Internet Marketing, which has an inventory network covering sites targetting Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Austria, Bulgaria and Romania.