Zelle 1337 jewelry, for the lady who pwn3d ur lyf

I’m not so sure the average non-geek girl would love necklaces and earrings made of resistors, fuses, and floppy disk parts but there’s no harm in trying. Besides, I suspect real geek girls would definitely squeeeeeee at these.

All of these handmade pieces are created out of used electronics and are actually quite striking. The best part? Each comes with an offical “Certificate of Authenticity” that looks like the EULA that came with Windows 95.

Zelle, the elegantly minimal tech jewelry brand that has elevated electronic components into wearable works of art has expanded its vision to celebrate the inherent beauty of technology in its haute couture take on the art form with their 1337 collection.

The smaller pieces cost about $30 while the larger pieces are priced and available by request. While I’m not totally down with some of these pieces, a low-cut dress and maybe that massive diode necklace could get anyone’s Elementals boiling. Obviously you could also make these yourself, but who has that kind of time what with Super Mario Galaxy 2 coming out and Steam on Mac.

Yeah, that’s IDE ribbon cable.

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