New MacBook specs leak out of Vietnam

Looks like we get a peek at an unannounced update to the MacBook a little bit early. The update (showing up on the label as MacBook7,1) has the same CPU and GPU as the entry level MacBook Pro, but assuming Apple keeps the pricing the same, it should be available for $999. Check out the unboxing video after the jump.

So what’s going on in this update? Well, the MacBook will still be called model A1342, but it’ll have a 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, and the NVIDIA GeForce 320M with 256mb of DDR3. Great news for someone who wants a cheaper MacBook with some horsepower. Of course since it’s a leak, we have no idea for sure when it’ll be announced, how much it will cost, or even if this is a hoax or not.

[Tinhte via Engadget]