Hands-on with MobileHelp, for when Dad has fallen and he can't get up

MobileHelp is a small device that works “beyond the home” allowing your loved one to call for help at a press of a button. The device also also tracks your loved one via GPS and, when they sound an alarm, MobileHelp’s staff will contact them directly and call the proper authorities.

My mother tried this at home and found the installation to be fairly easy – all she had to do was plug it into the wall and into a phone outlet – and when she pressed the button MobileHelp immediately contacted her.

The service costs about $34.95 a month ($39.95 without a yearly plan) and includes one home pendant, one “out of the house” pendant with GPS and cellular connectivity, and a base station.

As my parents grow older, stuff like this is going be more and more important. While I’d prefer them just to have cellphones, it may work if you’re dealing with folks who are bordering on senility yet still have the wherewithal to call for help. Obviously a small device around your neck that is always with you may be more useful than a cellphone in an emergency, but you’ll have to make that decision based on price and value.

Again, I’d love to hear from some folks who have had to deal with this sort of thing to better understand the value of the device. My Mom got a kick out of it – but she likes new things – so I had a sample size of about one.

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