BillShrink Helps Walmart Customers Shrink Their Phone Bills

BillShrink, the startup that looks to help users save money across verticals including cell phones, credit cards, and savings accounts, has scored a deal with giant retailer Walmart to have its cost-saving tool endorsed via the website.

The tool, which is being prominently advertised by Walmart on its highly trafficked website (see screenshot below), is available at

The deal is similar to the one the startup struck with T-Mobile USA almost exactly a year ago, only this time with a retailer rather than a carrier that has more commercial incentive to showcase its lower pricing than a neutral vendor such as Walmart Wireless.

BillShrink late last year announced that it had grown to 1 million members since its launch in April 2008 – this deal is bound to bring in more. Billshrink is headed by CEO Peter Pham, a former Photobucket executive who joined the company in February last year.

Pham says he wants BillShrink to do what Kayak did for travel, but with basically every other vertical that has millions of product and service options. He boasts that the company’s platform, which aggregates unstructured data from all over the Web, will enable it to roll out a new vertical every 3-4 months.

(Via press release – the announcement is buried in there somewhere)