Asus claims 100 percent recyclable laptops (that are made of bamboo)

What do you do with a laptop when you’re done with it? That’s an actual question being that the only laptop I owned before my current old man MacBook is sitting in the closet, broken beyond repair. Now, if I had one of these new Asus laptops, I could, somehow, recycle them. Helping the Earth, one laptop at a time.

Right, so the laptops are made of bamboo. No, that’s not a new gimmick—I could have sworn I remember reading about bamboo laptops a few years ago—but that’s what that was, nothing more than a gimmick. This time, the entire chassis is made of the exotic wood.

The laptops are of the Ux3 series—basically a bambo-ified version of the Ux5. You’re looking at an Intel Core i5 450M, Nvidia 310M, a couple of USB 3.0 ports, 2GB of RAM (eh…), and a 500GB hard drive.

And, when you’re all done with it, you can recycle it. Now, exactly where you’d have to take this thing to recycle it, no idea. Recycling to me is simply a bag filled with bottles that you have to separate from the other doodads. Then the nice man takes it away.

You’re looking at around $1,300, which is more or less what I spent putting together a desktop. Wild!