The Sony NEX-7 will bring 1080p recording later this year

You might want to hold off buying a Sony NEX-3 or NEX-5 camera for a bit. They might be the hotness right now, but it seems their big brother is right around the corner. The NEX-7 sounds awful nice.

It won’t come in the ultra-slim casing that makes the 3 and 5 model so appealing, but it shouldn’t be a monster either as it will also feature a mirror-less design with an APS-C sensor. However this one will be capable of 1080p@60, 1080p@24, and 720p@120/60 recording. That’s right, a slow-mo mode.

The NEX-7 will also bring with it full manual control and in-body image stabilization, which partly explains the larger body. In all it seems like the NEX-7 will be a proper micro 4/3rds contender when it drops later this year. We can’t wait. [EOSHD via SlashGear]