PlaySpan Partners With Snoop Dogg To Sell Celebrity Branded Virtual Goods

Micropayments startup PlaySpan is partnering with rapper and producer Snoop Dogg, and branded virtual goods agency Virtual Greats to sell a premium line of licensed Snoop Dogg digital items for sale. PlaySpan powers micro-payments across over 1,000 video games and virtual worlds and has virtual goods storefronts on Facebook, MySpace, within games and on its standalone site.

The Snoop Dogg goods will first appear in PlaySpan’s marketplace on virtual world IMVU and will include Snoop hats, sunglasses, bikinis, assorted clothing items, branded dance floors, signature moves, musical instruments, and complete DJ sets. The price will range rice from $2 and up.

Celebrity branded virtual goods is becoming more popular as the virtual goods market heats up. Britney Spears got into the virtual goods market last year, as did Justin Timberlake. PlaySpan plans to partner with other celebs and brands in the near future to launch a full fledged celebrity focused virtual goods marketplace.

PlaySpan has been steadily growing the reach of it marketplace through licensing deals with social networks, game developers, media companies and gaming platforms. Last year, PlaySpan acquired micro-transaction app developer Spare Change, which powered micropayments across 700 social networking apps on Facebook, MySpace, and Bebo.