New Y Combinator Event Will Demystify What It's Like To Work At A Startup

Since 2005, Y Combinator has been holding regular Startup Schools, where a room full of hackers get to learn tips on starting a company from Silicon Valley’s most seasoned entrepreneurs. The events are always great (and packed to the brim), but until now they’ve neglected one important fact: there are plenty of programmers out there who don’t want to start their own company, but could be well suited for joining a startup that’s just getting off the ground. To remedy this, Y Combinator is launching a new event this June that’s aptly called Work at a Startup.

Y Combinator co-founder Paul Graham believes that many programmers default to joining big tech companies like Facebook and Google largely because they don’t know what to expect from a startup. At the event, he’ll try to demystify things by outlining everything from how hard they should expect to be working to how much equity they should ask for. This informative talk will be followed by a pitch session from thirty YC companies who are hiring. And that will be followed by a reception, where attendees can try to land a new job.

You can sign up for the event, which is taking place on June 17 at Y Combinator’s headquarters in Mountain View, right here. Note that there’s an application form to fill out, as there will certainly be more people wanting to attend than YC will have room for.

Image via mathieuthouvenin