Kin Media Sync for Mac now available… for free!

Now I know that all you gen-Y’ers out there are all like “Windows? WTF! Mac FTW!” while you text on your Kins. Yes, that’s right: you love Mac, so you bought a Kin.

And no doubt you agree that the only universally-liked feature one of the best features on the Kin was the included syncing software, “The Studio”.

So, when you got home and plugged your Kin into your Mac, I bet you were disappointed to find out that there was no simple way to get all those treasured party shots in iPhoto onto your shiny new toy.

Well, strap on your best diaper, bud, coz I’m about to drop some news that will blow more than your mind: the enterprising individuals over at mark/space have released Kin Media Sync For Mac. Best of all, it’s free.

The software provides a semi-official way to get your photos, music, and videos from your Mac onto your Kin and vice versa. The software supports iPhoto albums, as well as iTunes playlists, and will even transcode your videos so you can actually watch them on your Kin.

Interested? Hit up the mark/space website and register to get your copy now.

[image and story via Engadget]