Buzznet Channels Facebook And Twitter; Adds News Feeds And The Ability To Follow

Buzznet, a social network based around people’s interests (i.e. music, art, fashion, photography, movies, television, celebrities), is relaunching today with a more social layer on the platform. Buzznet, which is a property of pop culture media conglomerate BuzzMedia, allows users to share, curate and socialize content based on their personal interests.

On the site now, users will be able create a custom content feed when they follow other users or follow communities around topics that appear on other contributors’ blogs. The ability to follow a user means tapping into their own content and sharing channel on Buzznet. Users will then see updates in a news feeds from the people they follow on their homepage and in the footer that follows them around the site. Users with the most followers will be trending under “most followed” on the Buzznet homepage.

Buzznet has also included a trending topics section to their homepage that features the most popular features and topics on the network. The new reblog feature allows users to create a channel that reflects their personality and taste without having to post any original content.

Users can also now add multimedia to comments and the site includes Facebook Connect. To oversee this new version of the site, Buzznet has named magazine exec Aviva Yael as editor.

Clearly, Buzznet is remodeling its site with inspiration from Facebook and Twitter. According to Compete, Buzznet got around 2.3 million unique visitors in March, which isn’t too shabby for a niche social network. It still remains a question, however, if Buzznet will be able to replicate the engagement on Twitter or see any more substantial growth as Facebook takes over the world with its 400 million plus userbase.