Acer to debut Chrome OS devices at Computex?

Acer has said for a while now that they would be the first to market with Chrome OS devices. Seems like that would be up to Google, but I guess it helps to be willing and able. Sources are now saying that these devices will debut as early as June 1 at the Computex show in Taipei.

Other than the bare idea of the devices (be they netbook, tablet, or other), there’s not much information. They have of course confirmed they’re doing a Chrome OS netbook, but it really makes sense to put out a tablet at the same time. Why not?

The question on everybody’s minds will of course be whether these devices are made to compete with the iPad. I’d love to speculate but there are too many variables. If Acer really is working closely with Google, there could be some surprises come June. We’ll keep you informed, of course.