Rumor: Pegatron tapped for CDMA iPhone manufacture

The rumor mill is churning a bit more today with a brief piece on Digitimes about Pegatron, a Chinese electronics manufacturer, grabbing the contract for the manufacture of a CDMA iPhone compatible with, presumably, Verizon, Sprint, and international CDMA technologies.

Again, this is complete conjecture and Digitimes is often use to seed and power pump and dump scams, so we need to take things with a grain of salt. Generally, however, there is a grave confluence of “rumors” pointing to a potential Verizon iPhone but, as Sascha Segan, noted Verizon iPhone bear, tweeted yesterday, “Tomorrow you could be hit by a bus. And you’d have a lame phone. BC you were waiting for that Verizon IPhone.”

The rumor has more to do with Pegatron’s entering the “Butterfly Era” if increased shipments but there are some vague points made about the CDMA iPhone contract. More as we get it.

via Digitimes

[Thanks, Winston!]