Next10: Memonic wants to kill "copy-paste", closes Angel funding

Swiss start-up Memonic lets users to select and collect snippets of websites, documents, and pictures on the web and any offline content for later use.

The Swiss startup will launch a new collaboration feature in the coming months that will enable the user to retrieve information anywhere. It is stored at Memonic, which makes it independent of its original source. So if you need the information, lets say, 6 months later, snippets can be shared, sent, etc.

“In the last years new technologies have sparked an explosion of published information. This in turn lead to great developments in the creation and searching of information. What we are missing though is an effective tool to capture the relevant information and actually work with it”, says co-founder and CEO Selz, who is spearheading the team of six.

Co-founder and system admin Birrer adds “We want to make your life easier by allowing you to save time when you compile information.” The team’s main motivation is to kill nitty gritty copy and paste work that is not only time consuming but also often a one time effort.

Besides their iPhone client, Memonic is working on releasing a Windows clipper that allow users to extract information from any document that can be opened on a Windows PC. “No matter where you can see any type of content you should be able to capture it and work with it” says Birrer.

Clipped content can also be exported to a user’s own website, blog or shared via Facebook, Twitter, and email. Currently Memonic is preparing the launch of a WordPress plug-in that integrates Memonic stored content with the WordPress interface.

Memonic is making a global play and has versions of its site in English, German, Spanish, and Italian. Russian, Ukrainian, Chinese and even Hindi versions will be released soon. All localization is done through crowd sourced volunteers.

Just in the last couple of days Memonic has closed an angel funding round of 1 million CHF (800k EUR) to finance their expansion. To enable the expansion they also started a new hiring campaign to attract more people to their Zurich, Switzerland office.