LinkedIn Upgrades 'People You May Know' Feature With Search Filters

LinkedIn has been making its platform much more social recently, adding a following feature, integrating with Twitter, launching a URL shortener and adding additional sharing features. Today, LinkedIn is making its ‘People You May Know” feature a little more social. Sort of.

LinkedIn has essentially blended filtered search with the People You May Know Now feature. This makes it much easier to filter the list of people you may know by companies and schools. The end result is that it makes it a whole lot more easier to quickly determine who you want to connect with and how they are connected to you.

While the feature is simple, the intention behind it is more significant. LinkedIn is making it easier for you to find connections without actually having to do the hard work. With 65 million members, LinkedIn is steadily growing in terms of users but clearly wants to make the platform more of a social destination. Part of that strategy means providing users with features that make it simpler to connect with friends and colleagues.