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Irish social media startup Simply Zesty raises €500,000 to build tools

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Simply Zesty, an Irish social media agency, has raised €500,000 from one of the UK’s largest market research firms for a minority stake. The investment values the company at over €1m.

The Oxford Research Agency (TORA) invested in the agency whose clients include Vodafone, Universal Pictures, Nokia and The Body Shop. The deal will see the companies develop social media and research tools further. The investment is unusual as it comes against the backdrop of Ireland’s continuing economic problems.

Simply Zesty, pictured, is Ireland’s largest a large social media agency and was established by Lauren Fisher and Niall Harbison in May 2009.

  • Dave

    Wow that’s very impressive. Fair play to the two founders, – only launched a year ago, that’s good going.

  • Daniel Tenner


    “has raised €500,000 from one of the UK’s largest market research firms for a minority stake.”

    “The investment values the company at over €1m.”

    At a €1m valuation, a €500k investment would be basically 50% of the company, no? So surely one of those three pieces of information – €1m, €500k, or “minority stake” – has to be incorrect.

    My bet, given the picture which shows quite a few people, is that the valuation figure is off. Maybe it’s supposed to be €10m?

  • James

    The picture shown above is not the size of the team, its a combination of the Oxford Research Team and Zesty combined. Clever photo to put with the release.

  • Adam Hyslop


    Nope – on the contrary the implied valuation adds no extra information to the first statement.

    If for example the “minority stake” is 25%, the 500k would value the company at 2m (500/0.25). Given all we know is the stake is at most 49.99%, it must value the company at >1m (500/0.5).

    Selling less equity for a fixed price = higher valuation.


  • rutherford

    Anyone know what the tools are going to be?

  • It’s Simply Zesty’s 2nd birthday. Wahooo to us :)

    […] little bit of investment to help manage that growth and allow us to expand as fast as we wanted to. We raised €500,000 from the UK and that allowed us to really push on and step things up while forging deeper ties with the […]

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