Good news: Comcast will have ESPN 3D in time for the World Cup

Comcast, America’s worst company, just announced that it will have indeed have ESPN 3D in time for this year’s World Cup. Comcast is the first cable provider to commit to carrying the network (while DirecTV announced the same thing several weeks ago).

As you know, ESPN 3D is to be the first big 3D network here in the U.S. ESPN went HD just in time for last year’s World Cup—I bought my very first HDTV, some 26-inch Samsung that’s probably now worth 75 cents, for the tournament—so I guess it makes sense to launch 3D with this next World Cup, which Spain will win. (Have you seen the squads? Poor Messi is surrounded by players not even sports reporters in Argentina have ever heard of! If Spain doesn’t win this year it never will.)

ESPN 3D will carry other, non-soccer programming in 3D as the year marches forward. The X-Games will get the 3D treatment (July 28-August 1), as will the BCS National Championship game in January, 2011. I honestly can’t believe the BCS is still around. You’d think they would have developed a better system by now…

So yeah, those of you with Comcast can get in on the ESPN 3D fun. You just need one of those TVs and enough glasses to hand out to your friends. Not cumbersome at all!