@Gamer, Best Buy's own gaming mag coming this June

Best Buy is getting into the video game magazine racket. Why not, right? GameStop has Game Informer after all. But it’s a bit strange, athough not unprecidented, to see Best Buy commit heavily to one segment.

Look at Best Buy Mobile. It’s like a wireless store within an store perhaps Best Buy is setting up its gaming department to follow some of the same cues. Right now Best Buy’s gaming department is basically just a few aisles of wire racks holding games. It could be so much more and maybe @Gamer is just the beginning.

Long time game journalist Andy Eddy is said to be heading up the venture. He was the executive editor of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment in the late 80s and 90s and since wrote for GameSpy and served as Senior Editorial Manager of Community Sites at IGN. So yeah, the man knows his video games.

We’re actually quite curious how the rag will turn out. Andy told The Game Beat that the first issue of @Gamer will hit Best Buy stores the last week of June. [via Destructoid]