Dell announces new Latitude E5410 & E5510 notebooks

Along with all the laptops that Dell accidentally leaked today, they also announced an update to the Latitude E5410 and E5510 models. These two refreshed systems are based off of the ever popular E-series of laptops, and feature the latest Intel processors and chipsets.

Dell is focusing on the business user with the new Latitude models, including improved deployment time, stability, and global support. The new models also include a battery with a three year warranty, Windows 7, and WiMax support.

Let’s break it down; the E5410 supports everything from the Intel P4500 up to the i7 620m. You’ll be looking at a 14.1 inch screen, with support for up to 8GB of RAM. Prices change based on configuration, but the base unit has an MSRP of $759.

The E5510 is essentially the same machine, except with a 15 inch screen. MSRP starts at $789, and both machines are available now.