Amazon Launches Its Third iPad App, Shopaholics Rejoice

We’ll keep this short and sweet: if you shop on Amazon and own an iPad, you can now download an app that lets you do just that from the tablet computer. The app is free of charge and available on the App Store as of now (iTunes link).

The app is custom-built for the tablet device and lets users search and browse products offered by Amazon and thousands of other retailers.

It includes features customers will be familiar with, including bestsellers, daily deals, product information, recommendations and customer reviews.

Amazon promises users a “unique, interactive experience that takes full advantage of the visual and tactile nature of the iPad”. Key features include the ability to purchase items using 1-Click ordering and Amazon Prime, check out personalized recommendations, view editorial and customer reviews, watch movie trailers and listen to song samples, and so forth. had earlier introduced a Kindle app for iPad, and on April 4 announced the second one it had added to the stable: an app for IMDb (Internet Movie Database).