The Dell Latitude 2110 netbook packs mobile broadband and touchscreens

There is certainly a market for business-ordinated netbooks and Dell’s latest Latitude netbook ensures that it can keep up with the corporate world. An Intel Atom still resides at the core, but it’s the new 1.83GHz N470 model backed with the latest Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, the 3150. Along with a wide range of hard drive and OS options including Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux, and FreeDOS, the updated netbook can also be configured with a mobile broadband card.

Dell is clearly committed to this segment. The mobile broadband card shows that the corporate world has latched onto the idea of small, inexpensive computers to supplement full size models. It’s not like it takes a Core i7 to run a PowerPoint presentation anyway.

The least expensive model ships with Linux and can be had for $389. $419 gets buyers Windows XP on the same hardware, with a $489 pre-configured model offering an integrated 2.0MP camera along with a touchscreen LCD display. [Dell]