Rumor: Landor Associates working on upcoming iPhone campaign for Verizon

The rumor mill is churning about a company called Landor Associates “working on an advertising campaign” for Verizon for the upcoming iPhone (you know, the one that the police knocked down Jason Chen’s door down to get generally more information about?). Ladnor has been working on Verizon branding since 2007 and is, according to a tipster, now hard at work preparing for the iPhone HD launch. The Verizon team there is led by Brad Scott.

Because Landor focuses a bit more on branding – they, for example, created the dual-B logo for Blackberry – don’t expect TBWA, Apple’s current iPhone agency, to get pushed out when it comes to TV advertisements.

More important, however, this rumor very nearly confirms a Verizon launch of the iPhone at the end of the summer. More information as we get it.