New Pioneer speaker system can link to 2 iPods or iPhones

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Pioneer is about to release yet another iPhone-compatible speaker system. The company yesterday announced [JP] the XW-NAC1 in Japan, a speaker system that can connect to and alternately play music from two iPods or iPhones. The XW-NAC1 has two iPod/iPhone docks that charge these devices simultaneously.

It’s compatible to the iPhone 3G/3GS, the iPod touch, the iPod nano, and the iPod classic (various generations). Pioneer says that each music player sitting in the docks can be operated by remote control. The 10 W+10 W (8 Ω) system supports Bluetooth, weighs 2.8kg and is sized at 410mmx135mmx153 mm.

Pioneer will start selling the XW-NAC1 on the Japanese market at the end of this month in black or white (price: $320). The company hasn’t said yet if the system will be distributed internationally as well.

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