Microsoft gearing up for worldwide launch of Project Natal in October

In an interview with GamertagRadio, Microsoft Saudi marketing manager Syed Bilal Tariq reportedly spilled the beans on the launch date (well, month) of Project Natal, the Redmond company’s motion-sensing camera for the Xbox 360.

Not only did Tariq say that Project Natal would be hitting the market in October 2010, well in time for the holiday season, but he apparently also revealed that the launch would be global, or simultaneously in North-America and the EMEA region at the very least.

Tariq specifically said that the launch is going to be “somewhere in October” and that they will be “in a position to confirm the date at E3, which is in June”.

So unless our dear friend Tariq got a bit overexcited, this looks like an official launch date confirmation to us. Microsoft had repeatedly hinted at an autumn launch, but this was never officially confirmed by company spokespersons up until today.

We’re looking forward to trying it out for ourselves. If you’re into motion-sensing technology and are more interested in a slightly more open approach, be sure to check out Israeli startup Omek Interactive, which aims to challenge Project Natal in a big way.