Rogers iPad pricing: no unlimited data, $35 for 5GB

Oh my. Rogers is going to take a hit for this one. Their data plans for the iPad have been revealed and our Canadian cousins should be pretty angry with them. Their previous announcement that you could put an iPad on your existing data plan has been categorized as a “mistake,” and the new plans are: $15 for 250MB or $35 for 5GB. That’s all. No unlimited. Their excuse is that almost no iPhone users go above 5GB/month. Well then, Rogers, if that’s the case, then what’s the risk in making an unlimited plan? According to you, nobody will take advantage of it!

The iPad will cost what we expected, but these new plans are really going to ding them. I expect either a change on Rogers’ part or another carrier stepping up in the next week.

Really now. No unlimited plan for perhaps the most anticipated, and certainly the most visibly data-sucking, device of the year? Rogers is screwing the pooch on this one for sure. I look forward to the backlash.

[via Never Know Tech]