What Valve games will look like on Macs

Oh har de har har, Alt Text. You think you’re soooo funny. The site posted a list of proposed changes to popular Valve games, including my fave, Half-Life 2:

Half-Life 2
In Half-Life 2, instead of picking ammo off the filthy ground like a common Windows user, you must go to an immaculate white Ammo Store where twentysomethings with fauxhawks will sell you immaculate white bullets, provided you haven’t been murdered by an immaculate white Manhack.

You will be able to defeat zombies by spreading rumors that Apple is coming out with a new color of iPod Nano, at which point they all run off to reload Engadget over and over.

You can read the whole thing here or you can throw a fit of righteous indignation here in comments, attack me for being an Apple anti-/fanboy. Your choice.