Politicians who don't get Social Media, Part 1: Joanne_Cash Deletes Twitter account, blames media

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Sometime rolling your eyes to the sky is the only appropriate response.

Fresh from being defeated in her race to become a Conservative MP, London candidate Joanne Cash has simply deleted her Twitter account.

Her final speech on election night, accepting her defeat, was to attack the media.

But Joanne, TechCrunch has some advice for you: Social Media, like Twitter could have been your back-up plan. But no, deleting you account means you’re no longer interested in engaging with the electorate. It certainly speaks volumes about what some politicians say in public versus what they really mean when the cameras and microphones are switched off.

For Historians, here are her last few Tweets, courtesy of that ever handy Google Cache.

Update @jim4dorset (Jim Knight) lost Dorset South and also deleted his Twitter account. Correction, he just changed username to @jimpknight.

  • http://www.techme2.eu bcurdy

    Wow, that’s rather poor way of dealing with the outcome of the election… Yeah, blame the media, blame Canada, one will never be short of people to blame for a defeat. At least she’s already working hard at making sure she will never be heard again.

  • Ivor

    Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person! I’m sure the tories won’t want to resuscitate her political career in a hurry.

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