iPad Users Who Visit Yahoo Are 66 Percent Male, 10 Percent Foreign, And Love Flickr

Who exactly is buying all of these iPads? If you think that Yahoo users are representative of the public at large (as one of the largest sites on the Web, they are probably pretty close), then you can get a snapshot of the typical iPad user by looking at iPad visitors on Yahoo. Or maybe not. But that is exactly what Yahoo did, and it wrote up its findings on its mobile blog.

So at least for iPad owners who visit Yahoo (there might be some adverse selection going on there, if you know what I mean), they are 66 percent male, tend to be 35 to 44 years old, and they love Flickr, Yahoo Finance, News, and Sports. In fact they visit Flickr 2.4 times the average user (which makes sense since the iPad is all about the visuals). And they go to Yahoo Finance, Sports, and News twice as much as the average visitor. Conclusion: the iPad is awesome for media consumption. We knew that already, but it’s nice to have some numbers to back it up.

Also, a full 10 percent of Yahoo’s iPad traffic is coming from overseas where the iPad isn’t even available yet. Who’s been smuggling iPads to Europe?!