TweetyMail: It's Twitter Over Email. And It Works

To be an interesting third-party Twitter client these days you have to do something that really sets yourself apart. After all, there are no shortage of Twitter clients — and there’s no guarantee that Twitter itself won’t come out with features that eliminate the need to use your client. TweetyMail is a new client that’s a bit different, and Twitter itself is not likely to take it on anytime soon.

TweetyMail is Twitter over email. Yes, it’s that simple. Imagine never having to go to a Twitter client at all. If you want a list of the newest tweets from the people you follow, you just shoot off an email and back a new one comes with the tweets. If you want to tweet yourself, you just shoot off another email. Maybe you want to follow someone? Another email. Retweet? You get the picture.

This works because each Twitter action has a different TweetyMail email address. So if I want to unfollow a user, for example, I would simple email that username to If I want to send a DM to a user, I would send an email to And so on.

Obviously, for this to work, you need to link up an email account you control to TweetyMail. But once you do that and verify it’s actually your address, you’re good to go. And you can hook up multiple addresses.

And there’s another benefit to using TweetyMail: improved follower and DM notifications. This is slightly more complicated to set up as TweetyMail gives you a special address that you then have to enter as your main email address on (this is where they figure out which email to send your notifications to). In TweetyMail’s new follower notification email you get things such as one-click follow, a full bio, and most recent tweets. It’s much better than what Twitter itself gives you.

With TweetyMail you can also easily set up alerts for tweets from a certain user, search terms, or mentions. All of these will be sent to your email address until you turn them off.

So yes, with TweetyMail you can completely bypass the need to go to (or any other Twitter client) ever again. TweetyMail currently has all features available for free during its initial testing phase. Eventually, the plan is to charge for some of the features (listed here) and to remove ads. If you’re addicted to email, and live in Gmail all day, this may be worth it for you.