The ExoPC's release date and GPU, everyone

We’ve been following the ExoPC‘s development with a bit of curiosity and excitement. It’s one of the only tablets, along with the Notion Ink Adam and WePad, that has a chance to grab a bit of marketshare away from the iPad. The ExoPC just got a bit more interesting, too. Blogue de Geek just got confirmation that the slate will use the Broadcom BCM70012 or Crystal HD, which should have enough juice to provide silky-smooth 1080p HD video playback. Best of all, though, the tablet is set to come out in within a few months.

According to Blogue de Geek’s source, the ExoPC will launch in France, the US and Canada all on September 7th. Now hopefully the ExoPC has the marketing and distribution channels to assist in its launch. (repost, I know) Unless of course the company behind the ExoPC is pricing the tablet in such a way that they are making enough money on each unit that they don’t care how many they sell.